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landscaping in Norwich

Top-Quality Landscaping Products: London & Surrounding Areas

Add some style to your property with custom landscaping products created just for you. J&J Precast in Norwich offers hardscaping features like patios and sidewalk slabs. Call us for a free consultation and estimate for your property in London. Our custom features are designed to have substance and class that age gracefully over the years, including:


Ornamental Products: Ornamental products brings an aesthetic appeal and change the entire image of the garden. They can be small decorative stones or large artifacts; each has its own value to enhance the overall picture of your landscape. Get quality landscaping products from J & J Precast Ltd and decorate your place! 


Planters: Planters are decorative holders similar to pots to grow plants. We have planters in different sizes, colours, and materials such as oak and hazelwood to bring a special look to your garden. 


Curbing for Driveways and Lawns: If you want to give a fine finishing to your driveway or lawn, make use of our quality curbing products. Wood curbing not only gives a classic look, but is also a cost-effective option. Concrete curbing is also available. 


Pool Coping: Mark an outline for your garden pool with the help of pool coping. This is the material above the tile line of the pool to cover the top of the pool structure. This acts as a frame around the pool. 


Flowerbed Edging:Create distinct borders around your garden beds. If you have a beautiful garden with a number of plants, enhance its beauty with flowerbed edging. It can also help keep out weeds from invading your garden.


Tree Surrounds: Ensure proper growth and development of the tree by building a tree surround. This is especially helpful in urban landscapes where most of the soil is covered by concrete.


Picnic Tables and Garden Benches: Make your own space in your garden with a picnic table or a garden bench. They provide a great space to spend time with your loved ones while enhancing the aesthetics of your garden.  


Eavestrough Splash Trays: Prevent water from overshooting eavestroughs using splash trays. This will help in reducing the water flow into the gutter from other sections of your roof. 


Architecture and Commercial Landscaping Products with Secure Delivery

If you want trail markers for your property or distinctive new architectural features for your home’s façade, J&J Precast in Norwich has the facilities to custom design and produce any size and configuration you need. We produce some quality items suited for both business and residential properties, according to your needs. J&J Precast also has the experienced drivers and equipment to safely deliver and install your landscaping products in London. Our products


  • Chimney Caps
  • Windowsills
  • Arches and Banding
  • Catch Basins and Well Tiles
  • Post Caps and Coping
  • Parking Lot Bumpers
  • Driveway Curbing

If you want to secure your property, we also supply quality guard railings in London.


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If you’re looking for beautiful and practical landscaping products in London and Norwich, contact J&J Precast. Property owners can count on us for outstanding landscaping solutions.

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